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Hello, Vancouver. (AKA Ashley & Nathan’s Engagement Session)

July 12, 2016 ,

New beginnings are always a fun, nerve wracking, stressful, exciting experience; so it is with my new home, Vancouver. Having visited here many times throughout my life I always thought I knew the city fairly well, but you never really get a feel for a place until you wake up one morning and realize that you’re not going “home” because this IS home. Edmonton will always be my hometown and hold a special place in my heart, and I’ll be back often to visit and photograph (still booking 2017 weddings in YEG with no travel fees!), but for now, here we are in Vancouver.

To get things started off on the right foot I was honoured to photograph some wonderful friends of mine who also moved here from Alberta a few years ago. I think you’ll agree that they have that recently engaged glow and seem pretty pumped to be tying the knot later this year.

We got up to all kinds of fun during their session, including a stroll in the brewery district, an ode to their love of craft beer (and each other) at Strange Fellows Brewing and dramatic skies (and nudie sightings) at the beautiful Wreck Beach.

Thanks for letting me stalk you with my camera for 3 hours!

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